Regina “Nanette” Salvador-Antequisa


REGINA “Nanette” Salvador-Antequisa  

Executive Director

Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits, Inc. (EcoWEB), Philippines

Regina “Nanette” Salvador-Antequisa is the founding Executive Director of the Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits, Inc. (ECOWEB) and convenor of the Community Led Emergency Action Response Network (CLEARNet) in the Philippines. She has been in peace and development work for over 25 years. She actively advocates for a survivor and community-led approach in crisis response. She has been engaged in local and national policy advocacy on the issues of disaster, poverty, conflict, environment and governance. At the global level, she was engaged in ensuring local voices in the SDG2030 and currently on the Localisation of Aid.

She is also representing the Victims of Disaster and Calamities sector to the a member of the national council of the Philippine National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) which is under the Office of the President. She is co-chairing the Local Poverty Reduction Action Team in Iligan City – a body against poverty created by the government. She also represents ECOWEB in various peace and development special bodies from local to national level in the Philippines.

Aside from founding ECOWEB, she has helped in organizing a number of developmental non-government organizations (NGOs), network of NGOs and sectoral organizations. Partnership building and pooling of resources to support peace and development programs and projects are among her strengths.

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