Smruti Patel


Smruti Patel is the founder of Global Mentoring Initiative (GMI), focused on promoting localization and on creating mentoring platform to accompany organisational capacity strengthening of local and national NGOs. She has been working in and on humanitarian action since 1995. Formerly, the Head of Services and Certification at Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International, she has expertise in accountability and quality management in humanitarian action. She was one of the authors of the Tsunami Evaluation Consortium’s study on the Impact of International Response on Local Capacities. In the run up to the World Humanitarian Summit she lead the engagement of local and national NGOs in Asia, Africa and the Middle East to create a global network to raise the profile of their role in humanitarian and development work, and demand an equal voice in the global policy debates and increased funding. She was appointed as Interim Executive Director of the network (NEAR), which was launched at the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016.

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