Why we should make COVID-19 response participatory


COVID-19 should be a People’s War as what Vietnam (one successful country being cited in the fight against COVID) is doing. For NAPC SRC and VDC (representing the 14 basic sectors), we are now pooling resources (human and our limited resources) tap resources from CBOs, CSOs, networks, citizens, to make our resolutions and proposed guidelines to work. Just hope national government decision-makers would support our proposed coordinated and participatory actions. Here are our advocacy and recommendation to the national authorities. We don’t want to depend on the resources of the government to be able to participate. We wish to make this government to really become a Government OF the People, FOR the People, and BY the people. To make its happen, we could not just wait and rely on those in power, the decision-makers to think for us, we need to make them realize that we are here, already doing something and can do more as their partners to make the whole nation rise from this crisis.
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