Appeal to GB and C4C Signatories Responding to Kerala Floods

A truck carries people past a flooded road in Thrissur, in the southern Indian state of Kerala, Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018. Rescuers used helicopters and boats on Friday to evacuate thousands of people stranded on their rooftops following unprecedented flooding in the southern Indian state of Kerala that killed hundreds, officials said. (AP Photo)

Dear Grand Bargain and Charter for Change signatories,
The Indian state of Kerala is witnessing an unprecedented flooding. According to the report released by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on 25 August, a total of 415 people have died while 36 are still missing. Over 5 million people are affected, out of which 725,632 displaced people are still sheltering in 1,925 relief camps managed by the state. There is extensive damage to houses, infrastructure and livelihood avenues, and it will take years and significant amount of resources to rebuild Kerala. It is heartening to see that many local, national and international organisations are complementing the efforts
of the state government in providing immediate relief. We do hope that their role would continue during recovery and rehabilitation phases. Therefore, it is quite timely to remind all the stakeholders that this is yet another opportunity to show better delivery on the commitments made in the Grand Bargain1 and Charter 4 Change2 to strengthen the local response mechanism, and local and national actors. [Click here full report]

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